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Files & links to help you learn everything about the Wrong Answer project

and how to best recreate it for your community's cultural needs.

Resources: FAQ

This simple guide details the steps you'll need to take in order to successfully activate the Wrong Answer project at your institution.

This document serves as the official plan of implementation in accordance with the NCME Mission Fund Award grant contract. Here we detail our phases to implementation, plus each phase's processes.

This detailed pilot report is linked here for any member of the public that wishes to learn more about the full project or wants to replicate the Wrong Answer Project to expand on the insights gained from marginalized communities.

This document includes the full script and character archetypes for the Wrong Answer theatrical performance.

"Children Left Behind"

a film by Firelight Video

Children Left Behind: Time to Reimagine Education is this project's primary cited film. This evidence-based documentary explores how our current assessment system influences curriculum and highlights the cutting-edge, transformative work being done within the system for the benefit of all children. 

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