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The brains & hearts behind the Wrong Answer project.

Our Team: Team

A few words from Darius D. Taylor

Wrong Answer Founder & Ph.D Candidate

"This project was pursued with great honor and gratitude. My NCME Mission Fund Award of $10,000 was well spent on a project that has an immense capacity to contribute to the methods of collecting validity evidence for the Social Consequences of Testing. Called “turn of the century” by the project’s advisor Prof. Judyie, it is my hope that Wrong Answer provides a new lens to explore the impacts that testing has on society. I could not have completed this project successfully without my amazing production team & cast."


Production Team:

Theatrical Director | Jennifer Onopa

Playwright & Choreographer | Darius Taylor

Project Advisor  | Judyie Al-Bilali

Stage Manager | Tatiana Rodriquez

Production Manager | Afrikah Smith

Costume Designer | Christina Beam

Sound Designer | Amari Boyd

Lighting Designer | Bibiana Medkova

Scenic Design & Props Master | Sami Brzozowski

Facilitators | Amari Boyd, Sabine Jacques, Talya Sogoba

Creative Director | Shawn Gadley

Videographer | Callum LaFrance

Photographer | Sage Orville

Our Team: Text


Micah | J.T. Hunt

Danaijah | Angela Kwebiiha

Ms. Engel | Emma Hollows

Dr. Gray | Nathalie Amazan

Johnny | Edosa Osemwegie

Jimmy | Chris Jimenez

Mother’s Voice | Mary Elineema- Kidela

Guardsman | Ben Nadelstein, Victor Tran

Ensemble | Dylan Castro, Allison Chen,

                   Mary Elineema- Kidela, P.J. Jeudy

                    & Cassandra McGrath 

Our Team: Text
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